Just Decide.

Compuesto Consulting
2 min readNov 30, 2020


Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what happened to your life? Why you are here and not where you always thought you “should” be? You are not alone, and here’s why.

It’s been said that the problem with life, is that when we are born, we don’t come with an owner’s manual.

This is a humorous, albeit factual observation. Life happens and we tend to live it the best we can, or at least I do. In my reflection, I see that my life was a series of failures and lessons. Some situations in my life were more stressful than others. What is the cause of this stress? For me, it is simply deciding.

When creating a practice, for example, the most challenging thing for me to do is to decide what it is I should do.

Should I drink charcoal in the morning? Oil pull maybe? Or should I scrape my tongue? Or should I do all of this?

Should I drink water first? Or celery juice? Or should I just have tea? With lemon? Or maybe I want coffee…with coconut milk or almond milk? How bout with coconut oil?

Should I meditate first, or should I read, or should I exercise? What should I write about?

And what about breakfast. When should I have it? What should I have? And on an on an on. AND this is all before the real workday begins.

This is the trap. The trap of indecision.

I, like most people, make hundreds if not thousands of decisions each day. Its been said that the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the quality of the decisions they make…or fail to make.

So right here, right now, I am inviting you to begin making decisions.

How you ask?

You can start small. Make decisions from a place of power. Ask yourself, “How would a powerful person decide what to do?”

Then commit. And let it go.

Thats how powerful decisions are made.

With love,