The Value of Sharing Your Gifts

Last week I met a smart young man who wanted to be a writer. He was an Air Force Veteran who was medically discharged for breaking his back while on duty. He has somewhat recovered, but his healing journey has taken him though a wild ride in his mind and soul.

He told me that he is embracing his Chinese heritage and exploring Chinese medicine as he was successful in healing himself using some methods from this practice. Now he wanted to share what he has learned, his testimony, with the world.

The challenge, in his mind, is that he believes he has something to share, but he doesn’t believe in the value of what he is sharing. He also feels that he will be criticized by his family and he will be unable to support his family unless he gets a traditional job, which he knows will compromise his health.

It’s a tough place to be in. And yet, to me, there is no real choice.

He has to write. He has to share his story. He has to share his gifts.

He had a somewhat traditional job, and it nearly killed him, so I can understand his desire to finally do something that matters to him. He must write.

He wasn’t a client, nor was he inviting my advice, so I simply asked a few questions so I can get a clear understanding of his position and I wished him well. I check in on him from time to time, just to see how he is doing. His writing is limited to note taking. Hopefully it will turn into a habit that will support his desires. Its a start.

The value in this story comes from the inspiration I received from meeting him. I too had a few near death experiences. I too wish to write and share my stories. I too had excuses as to why I am not where I want to be in life and to be honest, I still have them. And I will probably continue to have excuses for the rest of my days.

And here I am. Writing as the sun comes up. He shared his gift with me and I am inspired not to be stuck. Inspired to just write. Something. Anything. Hoping that the habit will stick. And it will.

So I hope this helps someone out there. You never know where the gifts might come from.



Reflections of a Copywriter, Actor, Artist

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