The Power of Recommitting

Have you ever set a goal for yourself, or promised yourself you would do something. Maybe you started a book, began a fitness regiment, started a diet.

Somewhere in all of this, did you drop off? Fall off the wagon? Lost momentum or simply stopped? Me too.

I’m starting to get that this is a human thing. Life, in one shape or another gets in the way and you slowed your roll. It happens to me a lot. In these days, I like to blame it on distractions and my lack of focus.

In a recent conversation with two of my good friends, they have observed that this why I am not where I “want” to be in life. I tend to blow in and out of places as I travel, not really giving the time or dedication to things such as writing, wealth creating activities such as work or whatever. And while I was mildly irritated by their observations, I find that there is truth in this, after all, these two guys are my good friends from different circles, living in two very different places, observing the same thing.

So I decided to recommit to the things that are important to me. Like writing and creating. And there is nothing wrong with recommitting. Like everything else, it is a practice. We all have our bad days, weeks and even years. We can slow our roll to a stop if we need to. If we want to. And it is ok.

So consider this a sign that you are ok. That life is ok. That we can take a breath, no matter how long it takes, just don’t quit. We can take a break, survey the landscape, see where we stand in life, course correct and move forward. We can recommit every day, every moment, knowing that sometimes, especially when the goal is big and scary, we have to.

With love,




Reflections of a Copywriter, Actor, Artist

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