The Valley of the Gods

Over four hours driving and we finally arrived in The Valley of the Gods.

From Escalante, we drove by Lake Powell, my original destination for camping, and Page, Arizona, where we stopped by a small native American market for some fry bread.

I enjoyed the scenery as Utah has so much rugged scenery to offer. We drove past Monument Valley, a sight that never fails to impress and a small place called Mexican Hat.

I noticed that Kaya began making a bit of noise and all new noises on this van is a cause for concern. I did a brief inspection and decided it was ok to go on. What choice did I have anyway?

So we drove a few more miles. The long drive was worth it.

The sandstone formations we stunning and protruded from the earth like giants. As promised by Sherwin, it was nearly silent there, just the winds.

We unpacked, and stretched out and had a light meal of eggs, cheese, bread while Cyrus had his rawmeggs and meat. After the sun was lower and our meals settled, we took a short hike through the area before night. Cyrus loved being free. I loved being free.



Reflections of a Copywriter, Actor, Artist

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