Who Are You?

Who are you really?

This is a question I’ve asked myself for many years.

I recently re watched The Matrix (It’s a documentary, right?!) and in one of the scenes, the Oracle reads a sign to Neo that read “Temet Nosce,” which in Latin, means “Know Thyself.”

It is a great statement, isn’t it? So intimidating, so challenging, so ambiguous, yet so clear.

For just being two words, that statement is remarkably complex. How do we begin to know ourselves? It seems in our culture, we are bombarded by messages since we were babys and sometimes while we are still in the womb. And yet, there are those who believe that who we are can be linked to past lives, which is a discussion to be had at another time.

So how do we discover what who we are really? How many people even ask themselves the question?

If we are “programmed” by our family, tribe, community, media and government constantly, how do we discover who we are in essence?

Does it matter? Should it matter? Or is this question irrelevant, as can we create who we want to be, or in other words, we can fake it til we make it.

Is it even possible to know who we really are?

I have personally wrestled with this question and I have learned that, for me, the process is ongoing. And I am learning to be at peace with that. For me, the process can involve sitting with myself in meditation. It involves asking questions such as: What do I value, what do I enjoy, what don’t I enjoy, where do I stand in adversity. What challenges me, and why?

It involves experiencing life. Failing, and failing some more. Sometimes I learn who I am by knowing who I am not. Sometimes I choose experiences that pushes the limits of my comfort, and I withdraw. Sometimes, I feel that I reveal a bit of myself each day, with each interaction, with each engagement.

And that’s what I recommend to each of you who are willing to do the work. Engage. Show up. Be open. Be honest. Brutally honest.

I met a gentleman last week who stated to me that he wants to meet the world, and to me, that was inspiring. I too, want to meet the world.

I then realized that the world begins with me. I want to meet me. I want to know who I am, for who I am colors the world around me. And I want to continue to discovering who I am, so that I could meet the world more fully.

Perhaps then, when I Know Myself, I can Be Myself.

So tell me…Who are you?

With Love,




Reflections of a Copywriter, Actor, Artist

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